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Technology is the core part of the digital world that we thrive on.

It’s what propels our industry forward and it’s what elevates simple ideas into mind altering experiences.  It’s amazing to see how engaged a user can become in a site that we have brought to life using today’s web technology, or how information can be gathered and used via a mobile app.  The wonderment never ends when we see users interact with a touch screen interface to browse property listings in a crowded shopping mall.  Without technology these ideas would be stale and lifeless. Stagnant.

Technology changes more rapidly than ever before and as that technology emerges, grows and changes, so do we as a culture.  We interact differently. We respond differently and we socialize very differently than even as short as one year previous.  The way content is delivered has changed and it will continue to change.  That fact alone is what keeps Atomic on the edge of our seats striving to learn more and continuously challenging the way things are.

Our Web Hosting Services are second to none

Penticton website design, Vancouver website design, Kamloops website design

Web sites and web platforms.

The web is where we started and it still remains the core of everything we do. Our team of developers and programmers are some of the most talented and hardworking individuals in the business, and they love to challenge themselves. That means that clients are continually benefiting from our tireless commitment to furthering our education. Our team can engineer almost anything and we find it very unusual that creative ideas are thrown out because they can’t be done. Where there’s an Atomic developer – there’s not just a work around, there’s a way.

Wordpress and Content Management.

It’s very rare that a web site leaves our hands without a user managed content management system (CMS) in place. By using an open source system such as the WordPress framework we are able to increase the flexibility for our clients without sacrificing on the most important element- the front end design. The WordPress CMS allows us to keep costs within reason for features and functionality that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to involve programmers. The WordPress framework also comes standard with enhanced security compared to other open source CMS systems and it is an out of the box search engine friendly solution. Had a bad WordPress experience? Well, we can likely turn that frown upside down, but we can also work with any other framework you have your heart set on and if you need something custom we can most certainly help you out there.


“We love working with everyone over at Atomic because they make us feel like we’re all on the same team. Our goals are listened to and they take those goals just as personally as we do.” David Miles, Montgomery Miles Law Firm


Whenever possible we use open source e-commerce solutions for clients looking to sell stuff online. Our e-commerce gurus will sit down with clients to choose the best solution for their business. We ask the right questions to make sure that you understand the scope of your project and how many moving parts are involved. From determining gateways and payment processors, to accepted currencies, shipping and externally hosted solutions vs. internally hosted solutions. There’s a lot to think about and we’re here to guide you through it all.

Phones, Tablets and ….

It’s pretty rare these days that anyone, goes anywhere without their mobile. And by mobile it can mean anything from iPhone to Android, and iPad to playbook. Gone are the days when you would have to wait until you got home to ask Google for information. The mainstreaming of these devices took instant gratification and raised the bar. So, we know you’ve probably looked up other people’s sites using your mobile, but have you looked up yours? Does it work? If you’re looking to build an app for a game that might ruffle the feathers of some angry birds or you just want to simply make your site accessible, we can guide you in the right direction for all your mobile needs. And P.S. – the … in the title stands for the latest and greatest device that we’re all patiently waiting for.

Touch screens and kiosks (software+hardware).

With the decrease in cost to electronic consumer goods it’s no wonder that there’s an increase in demand for software development for touch screen applications. We’ve been putting technology in busy public places for a couple of years now for our real estate clients and we’re about to get to work on some other very exciting verticals. So, if you have a dealership, storefront, development or any retail goods to sell, talk to us about how a touch screen application could work for you.