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Every Atomic project starts with careful planning.

Without planning and focused attention, paid to the fundamental business requirements and goals of your company, it is impossible to launch a successful web-based application, site, or service. Our web designers spend just as much time looking at your overall business goals as we do on non-functional requirements like the site’s security, scalability and management.

This process is handled through a series of question and answer periods (I’ll take five year plans for $500 Alex), determining appropriate goals and how you see those goals being met. Increased traffic? Increased sales? Increased production? Increased chatter?  Where do you want to see improvements and how will you sleep at night knowing that the money you’ve spent is worth it?

Of course, business goals are only part of the equation. We want to look at even more of the big picture and that picture almost always includes – your nemesis of course.  Every business has one.  Sure, they aren’t all as bad-ass as the Joker, but it’s nice to know what tricks they have up their sleeves and whether you need to stock up on kryptonite or fight them with good old fashion brawn and brains.

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An Atomic assessment is typically performed during our initial discovery meeting. This is the meeting that occurs after the job has been awarded and the contract has been signed. We’re all comfortable with each other and we start digging into your business and what specific goals and targets you want to hit along the way.


Once we’ve completed our assessment we take a look at planning. Planning can be in the simplistic form of site maps if we are contracted strictly for digital media or it can be much larger in the form of a project scope document, complete with milestones and timelines. The scope of planning is always directly related to the task at hand.


No strategy is complete without analyzing the data above and formulating a plan. This plan is almost always presented in a findings document and can include notes about your competition, comparable brands, sample color palettes, target demographics, and geographical considerations.


“We’ve been working with the strategy and creative team at Atomic for a few months now on a roll out plan. We’re really excited to implement some of the new ideas we’ve been working on and take them to market.” Marc Labossiere, Enviromint


“Atomic has handled our web site and social media updates for the past two years. They do an excellent job at maintaining our web site and change requests are always completed promptly.” Leitha Cosentino, Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School

Campaign Tracking.

Campaign tracking is meant to determine your idea of measure-ability. We want to know how you will deem your campaign is a success. It’s not the same formula for every business, because every business is different. We look closely at your tolerance level, your target audience and other real world criteria to determine an acceptable threshold.