Creative is different to everyone, just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder and art is subjective.  The one thing you can be sure of with creative is that it will leave an impression on your audience and it’s up to you (hopefully with our guidance) on how that mark is received.

The creative is the part of the process that is truly the most fun for every party involved. We love to design it and as a client, we know you love to receive it. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you open up your inbox to find a shiny new brand inside, but without the first phase of strategy it can go seriously awry.

So, unless you’ve come to us with an established plan and/or proven brand guide it’s very likely that we will recommend backing up the bus to take another look.  That’s not to say that we can’t jump in part way through, but we just like to make doubly sure that when we make that leap we won’t be taking us both into shark infested waters.


Graphic Design.

Graphic design is somewhat of a mystery to most. It’s the creative element that stems from the clients brain and is somehow picked up, interpreted and executed by the designer. In most cases we like to remove that element away from the client and do away with any preconceived notions that a client has. Kind of like when you visit the spa – you don’t want to go in and tell them how to give you that 45 minute back massage and precisely instruct them where to rub next. You just want to relish it and appreciate that experience when it’s complete. At Atomic we take graphic design very seriously. We set out to create an experience for both our clients and our clients end users. So whether it’s a set of icons or a set of business cards that we’re designing, we always implement best practices, we work with the latest software and hardware and we place user experience as our top priority.


Brand Design.

Brand design is the anchor of your business. Without an anchor you’ll simply float along in the sea of other brand-less businesses without a true sense of identity or purpose. There is always much discussion around ‘the brand’ and its place in today’s digital marketing world and no matter your opinion, we cannot ignore that a well thought out brand and brand guide is a nice thing to fall back on. A well planned brand sets the stage for the rest of your marketing from color palettes, to tone and how a user will experience your business from first glance through to engagement.

“We chose to work with Atomic because of their outstanding design skills and their grasp on emerging digital mediums. They’re a seasoned group of professionals who represent a different way of thinking about the digital world we live in.” Perry Grago, Swagman Bike Racks


Conceptual Design.

Conceptual design speaks more towards the experience we are creating for a user. It’s how that user will interact, navigate, and the overall feeling that will come out of their online interaction with your brand. Conceptual design is a collaboration of efforts from designers, programmers, and copywriters.


Interface Design.

Interface design otherwise known as navigation is one of the key areas that we most often see overlooked. It’s almost always ignored and at the best of times it’s paid about as much attention as the middle child. At Atomic we recognize that interface design is the most crucial detail to your user’s online experience, which is why we pour over every last detail, every category, sub category, header and call to action within your site before it even becomes a site because let’s face it – there’s nothing worse than a frustrated Internet user, unless it’s a frustrated user visiting your nemesis’s site.