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Creative is different to everyone, just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder and art is subjective.  The one thing you can be sure of with creative is that it will leave an impression on your audience and it’s up to you (hopefully with our guidance) on how that mark is received.

The creative is the part of the process that is truly the most fun for every party involved. We love to design it and as a client, we know you love to receive it. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you open up your inbox to find a shiny new brand inside, but without the first phase of strategy it can go seriously awry.

So, unless you’ve come to us with an established plan and/or proven brand guide it’s very likely that we will recommend backing up the bus to take another look.  That’s not to say that we can’t jump in part way through, but we just like to make doubly sure that when we make that leap we won’t be taking us both into shark infested waters.

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It’s what propels our industry forward and it’s what elevates simple ideas into mind altering experiences.  It’s amazing to see how engaged a user can become in a site that we have brought to life using today’s web technology, or how information can be gathered and used via a mobile app.

Software design, custom programming, and general technology changes more rapidly than ever before and as that technology emerges, grows and changes, so do we as a culture.  We interact differently. We respond differently and we socialize very differently than even as short as one year previous. The way the internet works is changing all the time.

The wonderment never ends when we see users interact with a touch screen interface to browse property listings in a crowded shopping mall.  Without technology these ideas would be stale and lifeless. Stagnant.  That fact alone is what keeps Atomic on the edge of our seats striving to learn more and continuously challenging the way things are.

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If you build it, they aren’t just going to show up… But if you use the Internet to it’s fullest potential they will.  Marketing is the key to the puzzle and in today’s tech savvy world it’s never been easier and more affordable.  It’s not just about getting the traffic, it’s about bringing you the right traffic.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can bring you the right business-right to your doorstep, even if that business exists in another time zone, on another continent. Our company specializes in SEO (search engine optimization) and creating new traffic to your website.  More relevant traffic to your website, means more sales.  Period.

With strategies and processes that our company has developed during our 16 year tenure as an internet marketer,  we have the collective experience to accomplish your marketing goals.  So ditch the basement developer with 2 years’ of experience who just charged you $100 to set you up with a free blog template and give the real experts a call.

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Atomic 55 has been critical in developing several emergent SAAS technologies over the years including EstateVue and SYNCRO.   Our unique set of skills has allowed us conceive, develop, and market each of the technologies we are involved in, and in turn create prosperous businesses that are now doing business all over the world.

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Our Approach


By syncing powerful technology driven tools with intelligent strategic marketing philosophies we can leverage influential ecosystems that will drive sales to your business.  Saving management and staff time through automation, we can save your business thousands of dollars per month, while increasing profit margins and building the sales funnel.

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In our tenure of operation we have worked with massive companies, and boutique start-ups.   To see some of the glowing testimonials and modest awards we have received over the years, please click the link below.   Thank you to all of our customers to date.

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Thinking really big?  Do you have a web based software or SAAS idea that may require a patent?


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You don’t need to tell us what you want.  We already know what you need.


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