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How do I explain to non-programmers how complex, time-consuming, and error-prone software development is?

Published 03/20/16

Ask them to describe the steps needed to make a cup of tea, they will say something like: boil water put tea in a pot when the water is boiled pour it into the pot wait 5 mins pour the tea into cups add milk drink Now the fun begins. You need to start asking […]

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Website designers Kelowna

Kelowna Web Design – How to Promote Your Website

Published 02/10/16

Kelowna is located in central southern British Columbia, Canada. Around 200,000 people call Kelowna home; with the city bursting at the seams during the hot summer months due to an influx of tourists. Kelowna is a sought after destination which makes it no surprise that many web designers and Internet professionals flock to Kelowna to begin their […]

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Search Engine Optimization Kelowna BC

Reading an SEO (search engine optimization report) report generated from your account.

Published 02/01/16

Below is a standard report that is generated from our reporting software that tells you where your site ranks for the key terms we are focusing. At the top of the table it tells you which search engine we are running the report for, and the below the title of the search engine you can […]

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Save Steven Avery

Save Steven Avery

Published 01/08/16

I am sure by now everyone has seen “The Making of a Murderer” on Netflix.   This is a tragic story about a person placed in jail for a crime they did not commit TWICE in their lifetime.    One of the casualties of this particular story is Steve’s nephew Brendan Gasser whom is also on trial […]

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internet marketing kelowna

Kelowna Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization for your Business Website

Published 12/12/15

At Atomic 55, located in Kelowna BC,  we specialize in search engine optimization or SEO of your business website.  Perhaps you have a website that is getting little to no traffic or you maybe you have tried SEM / PPC campaigns with little or no success converting customers.   We can help you take your website […]

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Atomic 55 Updates Website, moves offices, and launches several new web based services such as SYNCRO.

Creating a SYNCRO Account

Published 10/12/15

If you haven’t hear the latest buzz about SYNCRO Web Chat 2 Text, then I highly suggest you go on over to and check it out.  This website chat tool is unique, because it doesn’t require an app to run, you don’t need to learn anything new, and best of all it is free […]

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How to Harden a Responsive WordPress Website in Plesk

Published 10/04/15

In order for a Responsive WordPress website to function the user the web application runs under, apache if you have the site configured to use mod_php or the FTP user if you have the site configured to use FastCGI in Plesk, must have read, write and execute permissions on some directories. While 777 permissions are […]

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Finally a new site…

Published 10/02/15

We have updated our core site a little bit, but stay tuned for all of the updated feature and services we are going to be providing locally. Things have really changed with our company over the last couple years and we have some pretty cool marketing packages to pass down to small / medium sized […]

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New Anti-Spam Laws in Canada (CASL)

Published 06/19/14

Do you use email to contact a list of clients or sent out newsletters? Starting July 1, 2014, Canada’s new Anti-Spam legislation takes affect and could impact how you are allowed to get in touch with your contact lists via mass email and other electronic communications. According to this great post from (our preferred […]

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Power Outage

Published 06/16/14

Fortis has scheduled a planned power outage that will be affecting our telephone support connectivity during the hours of 9am-2pm PST on Tuesday, June 17th. We will be doing our best to field email inquiries during this time, but we are cautioning clients that there could be delays in our response time. We do not […]

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Conveying Your Ideas to Your Web Designer

Published 06/13/14

In the new age of information technology the need for web designing has gone up literally also it plays a major role if you are about to make an online presence. Since the process of web design take account of conceptualization, forecasting, generating, post-production, and examining it is necessary to make sure that the process […]

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How Customized Web Design Can Lead Your Business?

Published 06/13/14

The achievement of any internet business relies on what its clients understand about it from its web design. The web design of your company is the entrance through which your clients or target viewers reach you. If you are neglecting the value of a Customized Web Design qualified enough to entice the people, you may […]

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