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Software Development Kelowna - Atomic 55

How do I explain to non-programmers how complex, time-consuming, and error-prone software development is?

Ask them to describe the steps needed to make a cup of tea, they will say something like: boil water put tea in a pot when the water is boiled…

Kelowna Web Design – How to Promote Your Website

Kelowna is located in central southern British Columbia, Canada. Around 200,000 people call Kelowna home; with the city bursting at the seams during the hot summer months due to an influx…

Search Engine Optimization Kelowna BC

Reading an SEO (search engine optimization report) report generated from your account.

Below is a standard report that is generated from our reporting software that tells you where your site ranks for the key terms we are focusing. At the top of…

Save Steven Avery

Save Steven Avery

I am sure by now everyone has seen “The Making of a Murderer” on Netflix.   This is a tragic story about a person placed in jail for a crime they…

internet marketing kelowna

Kelowna Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization for your Business Website

At Atomic 55, located in Kelowna BC,  we specialize in search engine optimization or SEO of your business website.  Perhaps you have a website that is getting little to no…

Kaylee’s Hero Fund

Atomic 55 Updates Website, moves offices, and launches several new web based services such as SYNCRO.

Creating a SYNCRO Account

If you haven’t hear the latest buzz about SYNCRO Web Chat 2 Text, then I highly suggest you go on over to and check it out.  This website chat…

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