From Top to Bottom

Atomic 55 has the collective experience for your business to thrive online.

Who are we?

The better question to ask here is who are you?  It’s highly likely that’s why you’re here.  You’re probably looking around for a digital marketing agency like ours, to help you answer that very question.  And what exactly can we do to help you, you might ask?  Well, we do a lot of everything and most of that everything exists for us and your clients online, because to be frank, who lives off line anymore?  We find it easier for everyone to understand, if we chunk it down into these easy categories, which also conveniently happen to match up with our work flow process. Creative. Technology. Marketing.  That’s what we do.

Who we aren’t!

We aren’t your typical bloated, traditional, old school marketing firm, that’s hired some fresh, young guns, in an effort to restore their image and appear hipper than thou.  We aren’t fresh out of school novices with zero business experience and real world chutzpah to confidently tell you what works and what doesn’t.  We aren’t going to tell you or sell you what you don’t need because we aren’t a one trick pony.

See for yourself

Why you need us.

We’re progressive. And by progressive we mean we live, eat and breathe the Internet.  We’re hunters and hustlers. Hunting for new technology that you likely don’t even know exists yet and when we find it, we hustle to find out everything we can to make it work for our clients. We’re practical.  We tell you what you need and more importantly we also tell you what you don’t need.  We’re humble. Not really. But we thought that might sound good.  We aren’t that humble because we know that the work we produce is not only good, but it gets real results.  What are real results?  Money.  Pretty simple really.  Money is why you’re here.  You want to make more of it and the way to make more of it is to elevate your image, expose yourself and take a risk to do something no one else is.  In a nutshell that’s what we do.  We don’t climb mountains with you. We don’t drive proverbial stakes in the ground and we don’t sell you a load of BS.   Contact us to learn more about our processes and time tested experience.

Our services

Where we’re going > > > > > >

Hopefully on a journey with you and your next project. Maybe you’re looking for a logo refresh or a new identity, maybe you need help building the next big tech thing, maybe it’s real estate marketing, e-commerce integration, or maybe you just want a plain old website and you needed it yesterday? Whatever “it” is, if “it” exists primarily online then we can most certainly help you to accomplish the task of getting “it” done. Give us a shout, text, chat, message and let’s explore your budget, time frame, goals and all the things that you haven’t thought of yet.

Time leap

Say hi to some of the tools and services we’ve created :->

Over the 15 year tenure of our business we have had the pleasure of designing, building, branding, launching and marketing some award winning, patent pending technology.   We’d like you to meet them.

Did you know we developed a patent pending website chat solution?
syncro_transparent_live_chat_bubbleSYNCRO :: Website Chat to Text

What do you do when you want to integrate a live chat tool that sends instant live chat from your website visitors to your phone via text message, when you realize that it doesn’t exist outside of an executable file or downloaded app?  Well if you’re us-you build it. Then you file the patents. Because as simple as it seems – it didn’t exist when we needed it most. Story of our life. Find out more about how we built SYNCRO and what’s in store for us as we evolve our latest technology.

Show me how this works!