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What it takes to conceive, develop, design and finally launch new technology.

The Concept

The best ideas are always born out of necessity. That’s nothing new and in that sense, SYNCRO is no different than any other great idea. We needed SYNCRO for our clients before SYNCRO existed and we boiled it down like this: we needed something to speed up communication, we needed something that didn’t require a download or installation, we needed something that didn’t require a manual in order for users to figure it out. We wanted to simplify the process of live chat and speed up the process of capturing online website leads. So we did what anyone would do. We started looking for it – everywhere. We never did find it.

Plan, Develop and Test

Once we figured out that it really didn’t exist (note: be brutally honest with yourself on this and turn over every stone) we started to really dial in the features that would be necessary to get the product to market. We knew right away that time was not on our side and if we wanted to make this technology a success we needed to prove the concept and get it to market – yesterday. We set out to develop the core mechanism of the technology, which at it’s most primal level takes a live website chat message from any website and sends the live chat via SMS text messaging to the website owner’s mobile phone, so that they can immediately talk back to the client from where ever they have a connection. We launched it on our own personal website within 6 months of conceiving the idea. What better way to prove the concept than using our own marketing channels as the proverbial guinea pig.

Take Piggy to Market

After testing on our own primary marketing websites we saw our conversions go up by 600% in month one. Winner, winner. We knew we had something. In it’s most basic form SYNCRO worked flawlessly to engage with clients and capture their attention, which led to increased engagement through attentive customer service. We knew then that we had to take it to market because if it helped us close that many deals, then it had to have a positive impact for our clients business too. So back to the planning phase we went, but this time it was strategic planning on everything from brand colors, messaging, pricing, imagery, target market, demographics, social, conferences, trade shows budget and something new to us – filing technology patents in Canada and the US. Amazing to us was that we still had (and admittedly still have) things to learn.

SYNCRO is a patent pending mobile live chat solution providing flexible integration methods for the mobile salesforce.

If that sounds like an elevator pitch to you, then I both pitty and salute you. For all the pitch competitions you’ve likely bared witness to are unfathomable and without fathom, because even one is often enough.

What We DoGet in touch

About that Pitch.

Ugh, blah and no. Those are the first three words that come to mind. But no matter how many stomps of your feet you can’t avoid the pitch. The soft pitch, hard pitch and hard stop. Rehearsed, rehashed and sometimes the dreaded re – re-corded. The pitch is tough. And it’s especially tough for us that choose to err on the genetic side known as introvert. All I can say is get used to it and get comfortable with it and be honest with yourself when you sit down to view the awful video recording of your first live dog and pony show.

We went to pitch school. Literally. Not metaphorically. Like, we actually took an 8 week course on how to pitch.  We’re happy to share the knowledge on what ingredients are required to make your pitch perfect and to also connect you with the right people to complete your advisory team.

When did you complete development?

If you have the epic ballad ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by 80’s hairband Journey in your head then this paragraph will be even better. Short answer? Never. Honest answer? Never. Right answer? Never. You can’t stop refining, modifying and reinventing software. And if you’re truly setting out to build great software and a great software company then you need to be more than okay with that. Always make room in your budget for programming, bug fixes, and marketing changes. They are constant, they are steady and they are crucial to you staying relative.

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The results…so far

We’re happy to report that SYNCRO’s client base continues to grow. We’ve recently undergone a complete overhaul to our pricing and package structure. So what was once launched as a bare bones method to communicate has now evolved into a chat/CRM.

We’ve also completed a bunch more partner integrations with Wix being just around the corner and have expanded into the automotive and classified space with some of our newest iterations.

We continue to listen closely to what’s most important, which is always the voice of our customers. They tell us where we’re going next and we’re always happy to oblige.

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