Kelowna web design – strategic innovation with time tested experience.


Atomic means more than just a website. At least that’s what people tell us.

We’ve been around the Internets, since before they were a big deal (more on dinosaurs in our forthcoming website).  We can code. We can design. We can position. We can write. We can do all the stuff that’s required to bring you a well deserved customer experience and bring you closer to connecting with your own customers online.

I heard you weren’t doing this anymore?

Technically we weren’t. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t selective. We couldn’t resist the urge to work on branding and changing the way Canada and North America will revolutionize digital payments in the near future, so we helped out with this little task about to go public. Ultimately though, we had the itch to build some patent pending communication technology, and SYNCRO was our successful scratching post. We took two years “off” and developed, marketed and promoted until we came home one day like parents to a house party and said what the heck went on while we were out? So, we’re jumping back into the website strategy game to offer good, honest party going folks a chance at receiving the service, expertise and personalized attention that made us #1 in Kelowna website design for oh so many years. It’s time to clean up the barf on the kegger.

What’s next?

Working together. And a new website (for the both of us) of course. SYNCRO us (over there to the right or below if you’re mobile) for immediate answers or to schedule a call.